Kubota is a leading manufacturer of emission compliant, compact, multi-cylinder, liquid-cooled diesel engines below 100 HP.

Kubota DG972-E2



  • Rated Power: 17.6kW at 3600 RPM
  • SAE Flywheel Housing & Rear End Plate specs offer flexible Power Take Off (PTO) choices
  • Designed for severe environments
  • Equipped with bypass breather tube to avoid freezing below zero


  • Complies with EPA Tier 2 Emissions Regulations

Fuel System

  • Natural gas
  • Eliminates carburetor, regulator, and fuel-filter
  • Features best jet set and ignition timing for best performance in severe conditions


  • Mechanical governor system means lower maintenance costs
  • No need to deal with complicated electrical maintenance
  • Water-resistant spark plug caps for outdoor use