Blackmer’s long oil and gas experience has led to its solid reputation for product innovation, quality, and, most critical to Wellhead Operators  reliability. Especially in rugged and remote unmanned locations. Companies rely on Blackmer compressors to perform without fail at the wellhead and storage tank batteries for an array of critical applications.

Vapor Control

The wellhead and tank batteries are major sources of fugitive methane emissions. Common air compressors lack critical seals to prevent gas leakage and crankcase oil dilution. Condensate can form in the compressor and contaminate crankcase oil. Condensate will break down the oil acting like a solvent, stripping bearings of critical lubrication. The result is damaging heat, friction, and equipment damage or breakdown. Blackmer compressors are specially designed to capture and control wellhead gases, and prevent gas leakage and oil contamination.

Vapor Recovery

Increasingly stringent state and federal clean-air rules promote the reduction and elimination of gas venting and flaring of fugitive gas emissions.  Blackmer compressors are unsurpassed in reducing emissions and the recovery of saleable wellhead gas, thus protecting the environment, supporting regulatory compliance, and improving the bottom line.

Product Transfer

Blackmer compressors move wellhead and tank battery vapors into low- to medium-pressure pipelines for processing downstream at a gas processing station.  Wellhead operators attest to the importance of equipment reliability and uptime performance to avoid downtime costs. With Blackmer, they avoid the expense of daily and weekly oil changes, and the frequent replacement of less durable compressors. Blackmer compressors require only routine maintenance and are able to remain on continuous duty 24/7/365.