Arrow Compression offers a range of reciprocating compressors and packages to meet your specific application.

The Arrow VRC-2 two-throw compressor can handle applications for gas boosting, gathering, gas re-injection, and well head applications.

The Arrow VRU-1 single-stage compressor is well-suited for vapor recovery and small natural gas boosters.


This two-throw separable reciprocating natural gas compressor is well suited for gas boosting, gathering, gas re-injection, and well head applications to enhance oil production and other applications.

VRU-1 & VRU-2

  • The VRU-1 gas compressor is perfectly suited as a Vapor Recovery Unit and as a small natural gas booster compressor. It’s a small unit with a simple design that’s engineered with heavy-duty components and extremely durable running gear, operating at a relatively low speed. These robust features make this unit more reliable and longer lasting than other compressors of this type.
  • The VRU-2 is a two-throw, two-stage compressor. Two VRU-1 compressor frames are bolted together to make a VRU-2 two-throw compressor frame, which requires the two-throw crankshaft. All other parts are ones used in the VRU-1.